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The Art Work

I went in search of the perfect wedding present for my wife to be. She loved the glass abstract I got her for her birthday. I asked myself what could I possible get that would be better than that abstract glass object d' art? As I walked by an Art gallery, a blue elephant abstract caught my eye. Well, I said to myself, it wasn't exactly glass. However, it did have the look of a painting of an abstract glass object d' art. The elephant appeared to have blue feathers that weren't feathers. The tusk was almost white instead of blue. The elephant appeared to be almost heavenly with the white feathers that weren't feathers alluminating from behind and showing prominently on the elephant's left side. I was hooked. Quickly, I entered the shop and spoke with the owner, indicating that picture that I was so taken by. I wanted to be absolutely certain that no one could beat me to it. I paid and left, walking quickly, excitedly to my car. Very carefully I placed the picture in the trunk. Soon I was home and the picture was safely hidden in the recesses of my attic in a plastic container where no mouse could enter within.
2/4/04 copyright
(Please post more pictures! I will try to post every other week. Thanks!)
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